Women and Minorities Work

In last week’s reading, especially the one by Mary Prince, I wanted to highlight how women and people of color are still being unappreciated for most of their hard work in today’s day and age. Due to socioeconomic statuses, lack of promotions, social prejudice, and overall just a lack of opportunities women and people of color do not get recognized for the amount of labor they put in by their superiors. Most CEO’s, presidents, executives, board members, and head of corporations are white males, in fact 85% of them are according to the Harvard Business Review. As you can tell most of the positions that I just listed are ones of high value and power. And it really is just sad to see how there are hardly any women or people of color who have access to that power in the United States. If you do the math that means 15% of positions of power are made of BOTH women and people of color. To think of it, every workplace is like it’s own little empire, they get to dictate someone’s salary, job requirements, who gets to work there, who gets promotions or benefits and who does not.

Image result for prejudices in workplaces cartoons Image result for prejudices in workplaces cartoons

There is still stereotypes and social stigmas regarding women and people of color, predominantly that women should first and foremost be mothers and do chores around the house like cooking, sewing, laundry, dish washing, cleaning. While minorities are oftentimes workers in factories, construction, sales or service, who earn minimum wage and may even work multiple jobs and still cannot provide for themselves or even for their family.

And yes, while progress has been made, there is an overall lack of diversity, especially in scientific fields and management positions. There’s also a big problem with harassment in the workplace either with men objectifying or harassing their female co-workers or the racist and degrading comments that some people of color face on a daily basis. In the Harvard Business Review article I used, it states that whenever women or people of color try to advocate for diversity in their own workplace, they are oftentimes penalized and criticized for it, which just outcasts these people even more and lessens the chance to see more diversity in workplaces all across America. Since Trump has gained Presidency I just feel that the tension between whites and everyone else has escalated, especially with the recent protests in Berkeley.

Image result for berkeley protest 2017

Violence has been what we have been reverting to in order to display what we believe in and take down the enemy. Yet if we continue down the road of violence, then we are reverting back to times of colonialism, where we try to marginalize and kick out a group of people whether it be Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, or even Caucasians. Violence just takes society a step back from the progress it has been making towards equality, and while we as a society still have a lot more progress to make – if we start by valuing each other in our work and start making more opportunities for people to advance in their line of work then we are taking a great leap into achieving equality.


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