As HumCore Comes to a Close…

Humanities Core is a class with one of the heaviest workloads that I have experienced not only throughout my high school career, but my college career as well (at least so far). I have learned much and more about cultures that I never had the chance to learn about such as Vietnamese, Filipino, Iranian, and Incan people and needless to say that I am very glad to have learned about them since I am not sure if I will ever get that chance again. I have always put HumCore as a priority against my other classes and no doubt, HumCore has caused much of my stress, tears, and cramping fingers in my college experience so far. I am not sure if it is only because I recently turned in my research paper draft, but at this moment I do not completely hate Humanities Core right now and find myself looking back on my experience in the class as almost fondly. As I mentioned before not only have I learned so much from Humanities Core, but I have made great friends through my different lectures and discussions along the way, where we can all complain and stress together, and makes the workload a little bit more bearable since you feel like you are not the only one drowning. The research project alone can make you feel that way, but knowing that we are all in this mess together really does help. From this quarter alone, we have learned about film, sexuality, refugees, Westoxification, American colonialism, gender frontiers, and so much more. But no doubt the most important thing from Humanities Core is how to be a better writer. The different types of essays given to us throughout the year helps us develop our voices when writing and also helps us find out our strengths and weaknesses in writing. For example, I really enjoyed and did well on the literary journalism essay, but struggled in my writing on the historical analysis essay. As someone who wants a career in film and television, writing is a big component for that industry, and I know that I will definitely need plenty of practice in writing in order to reach my career goals. In our humanities core discussions, it is always fun to hear how people in your class interpreted the material taught in lecture and share their thoughts and ideas. Having different Professors gives us more insight and exposure to different personalities and teaching styles. And if you’re someone like me who has had different discussion leaders in every quarter of humanities core, then you also know that different TA’s focus on different aspects of lecture.

Overall, while humanities core has certainly been a pain, it has also helped open my eyes towards the world around me. From talking about the Romans, to paintings, to barbarians, to the Incas, Gandhi, women and sexuality during American colonialism, Vietnamese refugees, and ultimately to Iranians, if I have never took Humanities Core I will never have the knowledge that I have now on all of these different ranges of topics. And I really must thank everyone part of Humanities Core for all of that knowledge


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